Elphand Lands

The northwestern most region of the Wilderlands, the Elphand Lands are wild and untamed. The World Emperor claims nominal control of the southern reaches but in truth his authority is all but non-existent. The only other power in the region is the White Throne of Damkina, an ancient kingdom whose origins are lost in the mists of time. But even Damkina’s authority extends only as far as the presence of her soldiers.

The region around the Bay of Cayerva is a settled but lawless place. In the area circumscribed by the Bay, the Greatflood River, the Torn River, the Oakseer Stream and the Oak Brook, the Forbidden Forest dominates the landscape, its brooding presence affecting the life of all who live in its environs.

Three villages, populated mostly by humans of Tharbrian and Ghinoran stock form a triangle of civilization, if it must be called that. Kailasa is the most prosperous of the three, sitting at the confluence of the Torn and Greatflood rivers. Up the Oakseer Stream from Kailasa are the hovels which make up the bandit town of Havamal. And where the Oak Brook empties into the Bay, sits the trading village of Honeywax.

Bandits and pirates plague the region, making travel in the best of times dangerous. Rewards abound for the heads of the more infamous rogues in the area. It is not unknown for the trade ships to carry a group of bounty hunters ready to make their fortune with jobs on the river. Few survive the experience.

Elphand Lands

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